Terminal Learning Objectives:

This independent study course is intended to provide a general introduction to the legal concepts, structure, and personnel of the United State Military Justice System. This self-study course contains 10-modules designed to cover the basics of the Military Justice System.

By the completion of the training modules, candidates should have an understanding of the following:

·        The Criminal Law Desk-book, including a general understanding of pleadings, scope, offenses, and defenses.

·        The Manual for Courts-Martial: what it contains and how to use its information.

·        The Military Judge’s Bench-book, how it is used by the Military Judge during the course of litigation and its impact on Courts-Martial.

·        The UCMJ and its contents, such as provisions on the composition of the personnel of a Court-Martial and trial procedure.

·        Non-judicial punishment and the limitations and specifications involved.

·        The rights of accused and the procedure involved with “Article 15” hearings.

·        Effective and organized communication skills for the purpose of oral presentation before the military court.

The course includes the following general topics/lessons:

Practicing Military Justice

Criminal Law Deskbook

2012 Manual for Courts Martial

Military Judge’s Benchbook


Courts Martial Generally

Commanding Officers’ Non-judicial Punishment

Non-judicial Proceedings

Direct and Cross-examination

Non-judicial Punishment Hearing and Advocacy Points