Phase I Military Strategy

Military Strategy Introduction

Phase I Military Strategy consists of 3 topics: military strategy, military strategy throughout history, and developing military strategists.

Topic 1 Military Strategy defines military strategy.

Topic 2 Military Strategic Theory in History briefly discusses the biographies and theories of 4 well-known military strategists, and 3 lesser-known strategists:

o       Carl von Clausewitz
o       Sun Tzu
o       Helmuth von Moltke “the Elder”
o       Antoine-Henri Jomini
o       Chanakya (Kautilva)
o       Vegetius
o       Thucydides

Topic 3 Strategic Thinking and Decision-Making discusses conceptual and complex planning.
Topic 1 Military Strategy
Watch the U.S. Army War College video: Developing Strategy
Reference on Military Strategy: U.S. Army War College, Guide to Strategy